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Regina & Tanika

Regina Spector has a new album coming out, “far” …so I wanted to write a little some thing about her because she is so wonderful!!!

I met her on a photo shoot right before her last album (Begin To Hope) dropped and have been doing her make-up on the west coast ever since.  This is us back stage at The Tonight Show. I feel every one needs to go and see her play the piano and sing. She is in a league of her own.  A musicians musician. She has so much depth and diversity to her music. She is a brilliant and loving human being. Do your soul a favor and check her out. here is Regina’s myspace link.

Regina Spector newRegina has really porcelain skin, big eyes, and big lips. I loved doing her make-up!!! This picture was published in a woman’s magazine out of New York called Miss Behave. We did a simple classic look. I think this was the first time Regina tried a brighter red on her lips and she loved it. It was cool because she wasn’t afraid to try some thing new and different. I created a softer look to the bright lipstick by running a lip brush over the outer edge of the lips, which blends out hard lines. Another product that  worked really  well on her skin was the Laura Mercier matte foundation.  This foundations feels light and fresh. It really keeps the shine down on an oily skin and yet still gives a glow. You can add water to it and thin it out for a sheer look or use it’s full coverage like I did on Regina for the photos.  Blush was very natural. And for her eyes, a simple light frosted color applied sheer,  then a black liquid liner and mascara. Oh, and a smidge of brow color applied only on the ends of the brow.

Luv U Regina,



Hi Guys,Picture 1

A Brilliant friend of mine ,Mark Sunderland, recently did a write up of me on his personal website….

check it out!!!

Let’s Like Tanika McConnell…..AKA “Spritzy” 

By Mark Sunderland

She’s a make up artist. Artist being the key word here. She has an amazing ability to make everything better. Not just faces or hair or bad tattoos. She brings a vibe to any set, an energy to any studio, that puts people behind and in front of the camera completely at ease. Her expertise goes well beyond make up. She knows people. Film and photography is a people industry. And her contributions go well-beyond a spritz here or a powder there. She’s well-versed in all the tried and true techniques of the craft, but never afraid to improvise or innovate when conditions make it necessary to do so.

Making make up happen in the jungles and beaches of Honduras comes with challenges I’m sure I can’t begin to imagine. Yet she made it look easy. And she was quick with the spritzer. It’s how everyone on the shoot came to call her spritzy. And it’s one of the many reasons I give spritzy my highest recommendation. She’s a consummate pro, a terrific talent, and just plain fun to be around. I say let’s like her.


to see more of Marks work go here… Mark.Sunderland  






Tanika's Top Ten

I recently got published in the new Billabong magazine. Billabong has been a favorite client of mine to work with. They are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion in the surf industry. It has been such a joy to collaborate with their team.

The article writes…

Tanika’s Top Ten Beauty Tips

1) Definitely waterproof mascara by Loreal. It stays on great, no smudging, comes off easy with soap, and the tube doesn’t dry out fast.

2) Cream cheek and lip color by Stila. You can use it with your fingers, giving you a bit of color in a jiffy, and it also stays on in water really well too. Greaat for the beach.

3) Lipgellee’s by MAC cosmetics. I just love these!! They feel sooooo good on the lips. They give a tint of color for a really natural look or adding it over a lipstick for more pop.

4) A bright green or blue eyeliner pencil. By applying the color in the water line (the inside of the eye) it keeps the look simple and yet still fun!!

5) I also like colored mascara. You can add them to your colored eye pencils or just solo and it’s really cute!!

6) MAC PREP + PRIME. Girls!! You must protect your skin from too much sun!!! This SPF 50 ,that’s right 50, sun screen for the face is so awesome. It’s not clogging to the pores and feels great.

7) Bronzer. A touch of your favorite bronzer any day can add some life to your skin. Especially in the winter when we get that pasty look, and in the summer it adds a little pop to your already sun kissed pretty faces.

8) Loose Pigments by MAC Cosmetics. I use these on all of my Billabong shoots for that smoky look. They are easy to blend and they just melt into the skin. There are so many beautiful colors and they last forever. I suggest getting an extra container and sharing them with a friend. It’s cost effective and you will still have enough to last you a million years!!

9) One of the most asked questions I get from girls is “how do you stop from getting eye shadow under your eye when you use dark colors?” Well, it’s a lot more simple than you would think. Do your eye make-up be for the rest of your face.. Then when you are finished take a Q-tip with some make-up remover on it and clean up under the eye. Easy. Then proceed with your other steps. Voila!

10) Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!! You are all beautiful and it’s true what your mothers always said to you…”it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.
Much love, T

If you want to see more of the make-up I’ve done for Billabong, or some of  their amazing apparel, beautiful photo’s, and of course more girl power!!!!! Go to this link.