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Hand made with love, Heart Potions is an ALL organic skin care line I absolutely adore!!  It simply feels like you are putting mother nature’s love on your face. To be quite honest…I have never felt any thing like it!  If you are on the market for a new eye cream this is one of my favorites but you […]

So we are in summer and need to get good sunscreen for our face!! One of my new favorite summer products is California Naturel spf 30 sun screen. It is great for the beach and I can also use it under makeup, which of course I like!! It’s plant and mineral base creates a wonderful texture and […]

BE Magazine


I recently had a write up in BE, a new magazine for the beauty industry. The picture is me and Sports Illustrated  model Tori Pravor on a photo shoot for Billabong on the island of Tavarua. A small island in Fiji. The make-up Tori is wearing was prepared for a wet and humid climate…it’s best […]

I wanted to say “Thank You!!” to Kira Coplin ,the editor at 944 magazine, for featuring me as a contributer this month. “Kira….that photo shoot was really amazing. Talk about all of the stars aligning! Nice one girl. Props to you.” xoxox!!

Hi Guys, A Brilliant friend of mine ,Mark Sunderland, recently did a write up of me on his personal website…. check it out!!! Let’s Like Tanika McConnell…..AKA “Spritzy”  By Mark Sunderland She’s a make up artist. Artist being the key word here. She has an amazing ability to make everything better. Not just faces or hair […]