BE Magazine



I recently had a write up in BE, a new magazine for the beauty industry.

The picture is me and Sports Illustrated  model Tori Pravor on a photo shoot for Billabong on the island of Tavarua. A small island in Fiji.

The make-up Tori is wearing was prepared for a wet and humid climate…it’s best to go water resistant as much as you can in that type of situation.  So…the foundations I always use for that is Face & Body make-up by MAC cosmetics. It stays on so well!!!!! You can literally go for a swim. Definitely waterproof mascara (Hydrofuge Voluminous by L’OREAL). I stick to the supple look and add cream eye shadows by Laura Mercier. They go on creamy and then dry but still have the wet effect. Then bronzing the skin with your choice of pretty sun kissed colors. I’ve really liked the colors MAC has. Um…then i’ll just use any wax eye liner I like because wax stays on in water or sweat. I also like  Stila’s Convertible colors for cheeks and lips. I will use it for blush. Basically any thing waxy will stay on well in water :~)



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, keep on writing such interesting posts!!

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