944 Magazine Photo Shoot



I just worked on the 944 Magazine fall issue. Basically,  it was a story about some of Los Angeles’s most fashionable people. Asking what they wear and why. This photo featured Johnny Royal (Founder/CEO of Luthier Society) and Kristin Loretta (public relations/CEO of LS). Two fashionable individuals that I had the pleasure of helping look their best for this amazing photo by photographer Dove Shore. These two where full of energy and fun to work with.

Jonny didn’t need much, the handsome devil.  He seemed unafraid to just go for it, which is probably one reason why he is a success at what he does!!! So we smoked out his eyes. It created a whole different vibe for him. I used a black pencil by MAC inside his water line and under the eye as well. This pencil tends to run and smear easily which was perfect for the effect we where going for. Ruff but fabulous!!

For Kristen’s make-up we did street meets beauty.  She had perfect features for this!! First I used Every Day Minerals Semi Matte foundation. It has great coverage and a slight sheen to it. It looked gorgeous on her!!! Then to give her an edge I used the same black liner by MAC I used on Johnny but I also added black eye shadow over top so it would not smudge but still has the dramatic affect. Then I just used a neutral tan color on the lid for warmth , called Ginger Peach from Every Day Minerals. These mineral eye shadows have wonderful pigment and stay on really well!! Then Bronzer instead of color blush to contour her, Bonze by Every Day Minerals. Finally lips…a natural color and liner for some definition, Oak liner by MAC and Bamboo Natural Lip Gloss by Every Day Minerals.


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  1. I just saw this so awesome thank you!

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