Regina Spector


Regina & Tanika

Regina Spector has a new album coming out, “far” …so I wanted to write a little some thing about her because she is so wonderful!!!

I met her on a photo shoot right before her last album (Begin To Hope) dropped and have been doing her make-up on the west coast ever since.  This is us back stage at The Tonight Show. I feel every one needs to go and see her play the piano and sing. She is in a league of her own.  A musicians musician. She has so much depth and diversity to her music. She is a brilliant and loving human being. Do your soul a favor and check her out. here is Regina’s myspace link.

Regina Spector newRegina has really porcelain skin, big eyes, and big lips. I loved doing her make-up!!! This picture was published in a woman’s magazine out of New York called Miss Behave. We did a simple classic look. I think this was the first time Regina tried a brighter red on her lips and she loved it. It was cool because she wasn’t afraid to try some thing new and different. I created a softer look to the bright lipstick by running a lip brush over the outer edge of the lips, which blends out hard lines. Another product that  worked really  well on her skin was the Laura Mercier matte foundation.  This foundations feels light and fresh. It really keeps the shine down on an oily skin and yet still gives a glow. You can add water to it and thin it out for a sheer look or use it’s full coverage like I did on Regina for the photos.  Blush was very natural. And for her eyes, a simple light frosted color applied sheer,  then a black liquid liner and mascara. Oh, and a smidge of brow color applied only on the ends of the brow.

Luv U Regina,



One Response to “Regina Spector”

  1. 1 N76

    your work with her is beautiful! I would love to shoot her one day!

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