“Let’s Like”


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A Brilliant friend of mine ,Mark Sunderland, recently did a write up of me on his personal website….

check it out!!!

Let’s Like Tanika McConnell…..AKA “Spritzy” 

By Mark Sunderland

She’s a make up artist. Artist being the key word here. She has an amazing ability to make everything better. Not just faces or hair or bad tattoos. She brings a vibe to any set, an energy to any studio, that puts people behind and in front of the camera completely at ease. Her expertise goes well beyond make up. She knows people. Film and photography is a people industry. And her contributions go well-beyond a spritz here or a powder there. She’s well-versed in all the tried and true techniques of the craft, but never afraid to improvise or innovate when conditions make it necessary to do so.

Making make up happen in the jungles and beaches of Honduras comes with challenges I’m sure I can’t begin to imagine. Yet she made it look easy. And she was quick with the spritzer. It’s how everyone on the shoot came to call her spritzy. And it’s one of the many reasons I give spritzy my highest recommendation. She’s a consummate pro, a terrific talent, and just plain fun to be around. I say let’s like her.


to see more of Marks work go here… Mark.Sunderland  







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