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Being a make-up artist on Americas Next Top Model was a really great experience.  My main forte had been print ad and editorial for natural beachie companies up until working on ANTM.  I worked directly under key make-up artist Sutan for cycles 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9. We basically did make-up for their fashion […]

Every Day Minerals is a make-up line that I started working with in 2008.  I was the art director and key make-up artist for their photo shoots. I was very excited about the project because they are a completely green product from begining to end. About the makeup:  The foundations are unique because they have […]

Regina Spector


Regina Spector has a new album coming out, “far” …so I wanted to write a little some thing about her because she is so wonderful!!! I met her on a photo shoot right before her last album (Begin To Hope) dropped and have been doing her make-up on the west coast ever since.  This is […]

Hi Guys, A Brilliant friend of mine ,Mark Sunderland, recently did a write up of me on his personal website…. check it out!!! Let’s Like Tanika McConnell…..AKA “Spritzy”  By Mark Sunderland She’s a make up artist. Artist being the key word here. She has an amazing ability to make everything better. Not just faces or hair […]