Hand made with love, Heart Potions is an ALL organic skin care line I absolutely adore!!  It simply feels like you are putting mother nature’s love on your face. To be quite honest…I have never felt any thing like it!  If you are on the market for a new eye cream this is one of my favorites but you can’t go wrong with any of these special gem products.



So we are in summer and need to get good sunscreen for our face!! One of my new favorite summer products is California Naturel spf 30 sun screen. It is great for the beach and I can also use it under makeup, which of course I like!! It’s plant and mineral base creates a wonderful texture and feels light and non oily (big plus) on the skin. I also love it because it has a low impact on our environment.

Thanks California Naturel!!!!!!  IT FEELS GOOD TO BE NATUREL!!!!!



PS…They also have other wonderful product like day and night lotion and cream, face wash and ect. Check it out


BE Magazine



I recently had a write up in BE, a new magazine for the beauty industry.

The picture is me and Sports Illustrated  model Tori Pravor on a photo shoot for Billabong on the island of Tavarua. A small island in Fiji.

The make-up Tori is wearing was prepared for a wet and humid climate…it’s best to go water resistant as much as you can in that type of situation.  So…the foundations I always use for that is Face & Body make-up by MAC cosmetics. It stays on so well!!!!! You can literally go for a swim. Definitely waterproof mascara (Hydrofuge Voluminous by L’OREAL). I stick to the supple look and add cream eye shadows by Laura Mercier. They go on creamy and then dry but still have the wet effect. Then bronzing the skin with your choice of pretty sun kissed colors. I’ve really liked the colors MAC has. Um…then i’ll just use any wax eye liner I like because wax stays on in water or sweat. I also like  Stila’s Convertible colors for cheeks and lips. I will use it for blush. Basically any thing waxy will stay on well in water :~)



I just worked on the 944 Magazine fall issue. Basically,  it was a story about some of Los Angeles’s most fashionable people. Asking what they wear and why. This photo featured Johnny Royal (Founder/CEO of Luthier Society) and Kristin Loretta (public relations/CEO of LS). Two fashionable individuals that I had the pleasure of helping look their best for this amazing photo by photographer Dove Shore. These two where full of energy and fun to work with.

Jonny didn’t need much, the handsome devil.  He seemed unafraid to just go for it, which is probably one reason why he is a success at what he does!!! So we smoked out his eyes. It created a whole different vibe for him. I used a black pencil by MAC inside his water line and under the eye as well. This pencil tends to run and smear easily which was perfect for the effect we where going for. Ruff but fabulous!!

For Kristen’s make-up we did street meets beauty.  She had perfect features for this!! First I used Every Day Minerals Semi Matte foundation. It has great coverage and a slight sheen to it. It looked gorgeous on her!!! Then to give her an edge I used the same black liner by MAC I used on Johnny but I also added black eye shadow over top so it would not smudge but still has the dramatic affect. Then I just used a neutral tan color on the lid for warmth , called Ginger Peach from Every Day Minerals. These mineral eye shadows have wonderful pigment and stay on really well!! Then Bronzer instead of color blush to contour her, Bonze by Every Day Minerals. Finally lips…a natural color and liner for some definition, Oak liner by MAC and Bamboo Natural Lip Gloss by Every Day Minerals.

I wanted to say “Thank You!!” to Kira Coplin ,the editor at 944 magazine, for featuring me as a contributer this month.

“Kira….that photo shoot was really amazing. Talk about all of the stars aligning! Nice one girl. Props to you.”




Being a make-up artist on Americas Next Top Model was a really great experience.  My main forte had been print ad and editorial for natural beachie companies up until working on ANTM.  I worked directly under key make-up artist Sutan for cycles 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9. We basically did make-up for their fashion photo shoots but it was also a full on reality TV production in motion.  It took me a few days to stop bumping my head on the camera behind me.

It was really on ANTM where I defined myself as a make-up artist. Most of the photo shoots where so extravagant.  Doing these over the top beauty some times gory make-up jobs on the girls really pushed me to another level. I found that I loved the big glamor of ANTM mixed it with my raw natural beauty beach look that I had been doing.  The beach meets red carpet.  Dramatic looks with flawless natural looking and feeling skin.

The photograph above is Leslie from cycle 6.  Make-up artist John Stapleton actually came up with the concept and then I executed it. I pressed lace on to her face and steepled on a black paintstick by MAC.  I was really happy with how it came out and became one of my favorite pictures.


Every Day Minerals is a make-up line that I started working with in 2008.  I was the art director and key make-up artist for their photo shoots. I was very excited about the project because they are a completely green product from begining to end.

About the makeup:  The foundations are unique because they have four different textures to choose from. Not to mention they are beautiful and wear well. They have a huge ray of  eyeshadow, blush, and lip color to choose from. They also have great brushes with bamboo handles with a lower price point. EDM is vegan, cruelty free, and use no harsh chemicals to harm the environment. They run their business off the internet and have become an overnight success.  You can check them out and more of my work at this link… EveryDayMinerals